Thursday, June 3, 2010

Its cold outside.

In tribute to the cold outside I have managed to do a bit more sewing. I have decided my dolls all need to be rugged up for winter as well. They all have a wintery theme to them at the minute.

Scarves are my fave right now. Taking an old scarf and turning it into a little doll jacket, scarf or pants really looks quite nice and snuggly. Believe me these dolls are snuggly and cuddly - I have tested them.

And as for dresses, you are still allowed to wear them in winter too arn't you? I do, my dolls do. It's as easy as popping on a pair of leggings or funky tights and away you go.

Theres nothing like sitting in front of the warm fire on a cold day.

Oh and did I mention I got a new bike? New...I mean new...but vintage...a genuine relic that will be restored to its former glory and ridden into town on a regular basis!

I also have just made these cute Coraline look-alike dolls for a friend. I wished I'd made one for myself.

Happy first few days of winter.

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