Friday, June 4, 2010

My creative space

I dont yet have my own space to work in. I do however, have a big kitchen table.

Its all just a matter of cutting out and working in a step by step manner at the minute.

I get ahead of myself sometimes and have angsts about which fabric to use first.

My favourite part of the creating process is being there with my family, my boys often help design my dolls.

When its all finished I begin all over again and get very excited about what the next creation will look like.

More creative spaces here

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Its cold outside.

In tribute to the cold outside I have managed to do a bit more sewing. I have decided my dolls all need to be rugged up for winter as well. They all have a wintery theme to them at the minute.

Scarves are my fave right now. Taking an old scarf and turning it into a little doll jacket, scarf or pants really looks quite nice and snuggly. Believe me these dolls are snuggly and cuddly - I have tested them.

And as for dresses, you are still allowed to wear them in winter too arn't you? I do, my dolls do. It's as easy as popping on a pair of leggings or funky tights and away you go.

Theres nothing like sitting in front of the warm fire on a cold day.

Oh and did I mention I got a new bike? New...I mean new...but vintage...a genuine relic that will be restored to its former glory and ridden into town on a regular basis!

I also have just made these cute Coraline look-alike dolls for a friend. I wished I'd made one for myself.

Happy first few days of winter.