Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Garage sale Saturday!

So I went out with no intention of buying anything, thought I might have a look at a local garage sale and the Op shop (as people like me who love vintage stuff do) and came home having spent $32 and ending up with lots and lots of goodies. I was very excited!!!!

I got my hands on some old scarves which will be transformed into clothing for my winter range of dolls. It's so much fun riffelling through boxes and baskets of old fabric and scarves and coming away with more than one excellent contributor to my stash.

In other news I have been busy sewing and sending out some orders. I have three more dolls at 'Okuden' which is located in The Brownhouse in Hurstbridge - a must see place. Here are a couple of dolls I have recently sent out. My favourite is the little girl with the red pigtails...sometimes they are so hard to say goodbye to.

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