Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Creative must haves!

Some poeple say they need inspiration to create, some people say they need a push and some motivation to get them going. then there are some people who have to be in the right mood to get the work done or simply be in that contented humble house, with no noise but the birds singing outside. I follow some simple rules that are MUST HAVES in my mind.

A cuppa - only mildura premium blend, leaves or bags.

Chocolate, or something sweet.

Some great tunes to sing along to.

Just thought I would share that with you!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rainy day inspiration!

Have I mentioned how much I love Charlie and Lola? I think I first became aware of them when my eldest son was 2, he is now 6. I remember sitting and watching this show enchanted by how beautifully done it was. The colours, patterns and of course the most adorable little kiddies with the most adorable accents drew me in and have made me the fan I am today. Although my boys are growing out of Charlie and Lola, I continue to buy their books, their stickers and fridge magnets...for the boys...or um...maybe for me.

My other favourite kids author would have to be Eric Carle - he is an amazing artist, even if sometimes the stories dont always grab my boys...the pictures always do. I have lots of his stickers in my card making collection...shh dont tell the boys!

And of course who could forget my divine and overwhelming passion for the vintage/retro era. I love the funky colours, the amazing dresses and pulled in waists of a good vintage frock. What can I say, I love a dress that accentuates a curvy woman (My body is a little lumpy and curvy after having the boys) the idea of not having to be a size 8 to look good is always a bonus. If only I could dress like that every day...hmmm dreamy.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sewing bug.

I have been a little busy lately, consumed by my drive to get my stuff out there for sale. Head down, bums up at the sewing machine desperatley getting some dolls sewn up as a product range show piece. I have been toying with the idea of going to a sunday market once a month and trying my luck. I have even approached a couple of shops about selling my stuff. It seems that it may be promising, at the same time I'm kind of not sure. It's a big deal putting yourself out there and letting the public view your handywork.

I dont intend to make bucketloads, I dont intend to even make a living from it but it would be nice to earn a few bucks on the side and enjoy earning it. Its much like my writing, I would love that to be my main career, even more so now when I could work from home and still be there for my kids. I dont agree with childcare that much, nothing personal to those who do use it, but my son is just not that into it. He is a big boy for his age but he is not at all ready for that sort of seperation yet, and admitedly it does scare me to leave him all day to be brought up by people who I dont know personally.

Life is busy at the moment...the usual things are taking up time and the angst to work on the house is making me feel sick. It would be nice to get it done up a bit and then get an evaluation done to see if th eprice has gone up. Ideally this community suits us but at the same time if we moved out further we could offer our kids a better life. Most things would be easier living in a thriving country town but the easiest thing of all would be having a smaller mortgage and lots of work to help save up for the rainy days.

Must rush off now and find more vintage fabric to use for my creations. I am in love with vintage pinnies at the moment and plan to start a collection...to match my vintage kitchen accessories.