Monday, February 8, 2010


It has been a year since we moved into our pretty little semi rural town, with it's abundance of gums and wildlife. It has also been a year since the bushfires of black saturday devestated many communities close by and affected many, some in more ways than others. As I reflect on the day that was so tragic for many I think of how lucky we were, apparently all that saved our little town was a wind change. We like so many others probably wouldn't have had time to get out.

 I think of how I would have done things differently, I wouldn't have stayed like we did and wouldn't have planned to leave in seperate cars when we caught the sight of smoke or were warned by the radio to leave. We are the lucky ones and I like many others are thinking about those who weren't so lucky that day. My heart is with you in your mourning and your hurt. I hope we can all learn to move on, still remembering and never forgetting those who need us.

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