Friday, June 4, 2010

My creative space

I dont yet have my own space to work in. I do however, have a big kitchen table.

Its all just a matter of cutting out and working in a step by step manner at the minute.

I get ahead of myself sometimes and have angsts about which fabric to use first.

My favourite part of the creating process is being there with my family, my boys often help design my dolls.

When its all finished I begin all over again and get very excited about what the next creation will look like.

More creative spaces here

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Its cold outside.

In tribute to the cold outside I have managed to do a bit more sewing. I have decided my dolls all need to be rugged up for winter as well. They all have a wintery theme to them at the minute.

Scarves are my fave right now. Taking an old scarf and turning it into a little doll jacket, scarf or pants really looks quite nice and snuggly. Believe me these dolls are snuggly and cuddly - I have tested them.

And as for dresses, you are still allowed to wear them in winter too arn't you? I do, my dolls do. It's as easy as popping on a pair of leggings or funky tights and away you go.

Theres nothing like sitting in front of the warm fire on a cold day.

Oh and did I mention I got a new bike? New...I mean new...but vintage...a genuine relic that will be restored to its former glory and ridden into town on a regular basis!

I also have just made these cute Coraline look-alike dolls for a friend. I wished I'd made one for myself.

Happy first few days of winter.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Garage sale Saturday!

So I went out with no intention of buying anything, thought I might have a look at a local garage sale and the Op shop (as people like me who love vintage stuff do) and came home having spent $32 and ending up with lots and lots of goodies. I was very excited!!!!

I got my hands on some old scarves which will be transformed into clothing for my winter range of dolls. It's so much fun riffelling through boxes and baskets of old fabric and scarves and coming away with more than one excellent contributor to my stash.

In other news I have been busy sewing and sending out some orders. I have three more dolls at 'Okuden' which is located in The Brownhouse in Hurstbridge - a must see place. Here are a couple of dolls I have recently sent out. My favourite is the little girl with the red pigtails...sometimes they are so hard to say goodbye to.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One year older!

It's funny how birthdays make you think about what you have done in life and what you are yet to do. I cant say I have many regrets, and I definetly wouldn't change anything I have done. One thing about getting older is you know who you are more, you have a small amount of confidence that pushes you to try new things and be comfortable with the options and decisions you make.

Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Creative must haves!

Some poeple say they need inspiration to create, some people say they need a push and some motivation to get them going. then there are some people who have to be in the right mood to get the work done or simply be in that contented humble house, with no noise but the birds singing outside. I follow some simple rules that are MUST HAVES in my mind.

A cuppa - only mildura premium blend, leaves or bags.

Chocolate, or something sweet.

Some great tunes to sing along to.

Just thought I would share that with you!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rainy day inspiration!

Have I mentioned how much I love Charlie and Lola? I think I first became aware of them when my eldest son was 2, he is now 6. I remember sitting and watching this show enchanted by how beautifully done it was. The colours, patterns and of course the most adorable little kiddies with the most adorable accents drew me in and have made me the fan I am today. Although my boys are growing out of Charlie and Lola, I continue to buy their books, their stickers and fridge magnets...for the boys...or um...maybe for me.

My other favourite kids author would have to be Eric Carle - he is an amazing artist, even if sometimes the stories dont always grab my boys...the pictures always do. I have lots of his stickers in my card making collection...shh dont tell the boys!

And of course who could forget my divine and overwhelming passion for the vintage/retro era. I love the funky colours, the amazing dresses and pulled in waists of a good vintage frock. What can I say, I love a dress that accentuates a curvy woman (My body is a little lumpy and curvy after having the boys) the idea of not having to be a size 8 to look good is always a bonus. If only I could dress like that every day...hmmm dreamy.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sewing bug.

I have been a little busy lately, consumed by my drive to get my stuff out there for sale. Head down, bums up at the sewing machine desperatley getting some dolls sewn up as a product range show piece. I have been toying with the idea of going to a sunday market once a month and trying my luck. I have even approached a couple of shops about selling my stuff. It seems that it may be promising, at the same time I'm kind of not sure. It's a big deal putting yourself out there and letting the public view your handywork.

I dont intend to make bucketloads, I dont intend to even make a living from it but it would be nice to earn a few bucks on the side and enjoy earning it. Its much like my writing, I would love that to be my main career, even more so now when I could work from home and still be there for my kids. I dont agree with childcare that much, nothing personal to those who do use it, but my son is just not that into it. He is a big boy for his age but he is not at all ready for that sort of seperation yet, and admitedly it does scare me to leave him all day to be brought up by people who I dont know personally.

Life is busy at the moment...the usual things are taking up time and the angst to work on the house is making me feel sick. It would be nice to get it done up a bit and then get an evaluation done to see if th eprice has gone up. Ideally this community suits us but at the same time if we moved out further we could offer our kids a better life. Most things would be easier living in a thriving country town but the easiest thing of all would be having a smaller mortgage and lots of work to help save up for the rainy days.

Must rush off now and find more vintage fabric to use for my creations. I am in love with vintage pinnies at the moment and plan to start a match my vintage kitchen accessories.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


It never suprises me the way in which our house was built back in the 70's, that whole recycled materials and handcrafted bits and bobs from yesteryear. What does suprise me though, quite often too, is the light that comes from our many leadlight windows. At some stages of the day is strikes you so much you just have to stop where you are and look at the beautiful light it casts on the simplest thing - causing that simple thing to have the most beautiful shape and shadow you have ever seen.

Monday, February 8, 2010


It has been a year since we moved into our pretty little semi rural town, with it's abundance of gums and wildlife. It has also been a year since the bushfires of black saturday devestated many communities close by and affected many, some in more ways than others. As I reflect on the day that was so tragic for many I think of how lucky we were, apparently all that saved our little town was a wind change. We like so many others probably wouldn't have had time to get out.

 I think of how I would have done things differently, I wouldn't have stayed like we did and wouldn't have planned to leave in seperate cars when we caught the sight of smoke or were warned by the radio to leave. We are the lucky ones and I like many others are thinking about those who weren't so lucky that day. My heart is with you in your mourning and your hurt. I hope we can all learn to move on, still remembering and never forgetting those who need us.

Monday, February 1, 2010

And the education begins.

Today I sent my oldest boy to school for his first day...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I cant believe the time has flown by so fast. I stilll remember being in the hospital, sick and exhausted and scared my little boy wouldn't make it. Although it is no reflection on the little man he has become today, he is a strong child with strong charecteristics and an even stronger stubborn streak (wonder where that comes from?) I walked away from the room a little nervous, just the usual things like: will he find the toilet alright? will he make new friends? will he do the work the teacher assigns him? and the all important one - will he miss me?

We took the youngest on the playground at the school for a bit, just to pass a little time and not seem like the parents that are running away quickly. We had the traditional cup of tea in the library and chatted to others saying goodbye to their prep calmed the nerves a bit. Now I am sitting at my computer typing furiously to keep busy while the youngest plays with some playdoh. I wonder if he will miss big bro? I guess he will, it's only natural, I spose.

Well my big boy, mummy is proud of you and hope your education is fun filled and I hope to be a good mum and to not sleep in and make you late or forget to pick you up.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finding time...whats that?

Sometimes time gets away from us and we are consumed by our day to day routines.

Sometimes time washes over us like the waves of the ocean and we become submerged in it's thickness.

Sometimes however we grab a cuppa and sit and reflect on the time that has passed.

Sometimes we just while away the hours thinking about what time will bring us.