Thursday, October 8, 2009

My muddie wish list.

It has come to my attention that when you buy an old house (circa 1970's) then basically if it hasn't been kept to it's former glory then there is lots of work to be done. Me, being very impatient and wanting it done now - serious lack of funds preventing this - would like to have many projects going at once. However, this is not the case. As we prepare for yet another very dry and hot summer we also prepare for the evn bigger threat to us - bushfire. So, at the moment home improvements have been put on hold while we clear up the block and cart all the green waste off to the council to be disposed of. The new 10/30 rule is in place and although we have massive gums at our back door we are just giving them a clean up while all there trimmings will be saved for next winter and the leaves and bark will be disposed of. The grass is getting a trim and the yucky noxious wattle weeds are getting removed, the ivy poisoned and pulled out and the gutters cleaned.

In the meantime I will list my dreams for my little muddy among the gums-
*landscape the front garden both near the house and at the road frontage
*re oil all exterior timbers in a dirty dark grimesy oil
*re bag the entire mud exterior
*build the back deck and add another bigger better roof to our alfresco area
*a new letter box built entirely of chunky timbers and stone...lovely
*build a carport to house our cars and protect them from the weather

Not too much to wish for...well maybe a little. It's all the outside stuff that I really enjoy and this is only a list of what needs to be done outside...did I mention there was a bigger list for the inside...oh dear.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Here is something I prepared a little time ago

I wasn't sure when I would jump back on here and write. I am at a stage in the year where I am feeling a little withdrawn from writing. I am emotionally challenged by things going on around me and they are upsetting my eb and flow to write. I cant really complain too much but I have been feeling a little anxious about the 6000 words I have to submit at the end off term four and am even more so scared about the fact I haven't touched my novel for some time now. I need to breathe and take in some air and focus on what it was I was trying to write back in chapter one and how it can be linked to chapter eight and even more so how it all ends. With peaks and troughs taken in to account and a little conflict, but not too much conflict as that would be seen to be meoldrama -- maybe I will get this thing going again. In the meantime I shall just leave you with a little doll I made my niece and let know that I am going to spend some time crafting this week and while I craft I will think about my characters in my novel and what journey I wish them to take.